Samples from our Custom Made Plaque Gallery


A gift plaque for Any and Every occasion is available.


Scroll Down to see just some of the occasions and ideas available!

---Samples of our Baby Plaques---

new baby plaque     new twins birth plaque     new triplet baby plaque     Baby Christmas plaque     mother and baby

  ---Samples from our Wedding Gifts Plaques---

bride groom wedding gift     wedding gift plaque wedding gift plaque  

 ---Samples from our Anniversary Gift plaques---

anniversary gift plaque      25th anniversary gift plaque      50th anniversary wedding


 ---Samples from our Personal Gift Plaques---

Mother Gift Plaque     Fathers Gift Plaque     sweet 16 plaque          Grandfather Memorial PlaqueGraduation Gift Plaques     quinceanera gift plaque


 —Samples from our Fraternities and Sororities Gift plaques—

Fraternity symbol plaque       sorority symbol plaque Frat with photo11       sorority2 Frat with photo       sorority


 —Samples from our Religious Gift plaques—

Pastorn     priestn     Rabbin


 — Samples from our Religious Special Occasions Gift plaques—

       bar mitzvah plaque        bat mitzvah plaque bar mitzvah plaque bar mitzvah in hebrew first communion plaque     christening plaque baptism plaque     first communion daughter plaque

 —Samples from our Professional Gift plaques—

Firefighter Plaque     Police Plaque     Doctor Plaque    Attorney plaque     dentist plaque     teacher plaque


 —Samples from our Military Gift plaques—

Army Plaque     Navy Plaque     Air Force Plaque    Marine Corp Semper Fi Plaque     Coast Guard Plaque


 —Samples from our Holiday Gift plaques—

 Baby first Christmas     thanksgiving day          fathers day      mothers day     Valentines Day




—Samples from our Special Pets Gift plaques—

dog memorial plaque     dog award plaque     Horse plaque    horse plaque


 —Samples from our Sporting Events Gift plaques—

golf award plaque    fishing tournament award plaque     aviation pilot award plaque    running marathon 5k 10k award plaque  hunting tournament award plaque     karate martial arts award plaque karate martial arts plaque


—Samples from our Corporate Awards and Recognition Gift plaques—

vendor award plaque     manager award gift plaqueservice dedication award plaqueexecutive award plaqueservice professional award plaquebusiness award appreciation plaqueleadership loyalty award plaque     Retirement Plaques